View the report below to see where wolves are attacking cattle, hunting dogs, pets, and "non-livestock" (Humans). 

Have you ever wondered how much wolf depredations cost the taxpayers? Check out the report below showing the over 2 million dollars that have been spent reimbursing the good citizens of Wisconsin for cows, dogs, sheep, etc. that wolves have killed, maimed, or eaten.  

Below is a sample of depredation investigative reports completed by State DNR and Federal Wildlife Investigators.  Current or specific depredation reports can be obtained by emailing the Wisconsin DNR staff at

Example Report #1.

Norwalk Wi. A farmer reported finding a dead five week old calf on his farm on April 29th 2016. The calf had a single  bite to the spine, with severe spinal damage.  The calf appeared to be dragged a considerable distance from the beef cattle herd and the mother of the calf is very aggressive and protective. The farmer reported and second and possibly third calf missing from the property.  See the full report below:

Example report # 2.

A farmer in Shawano hears his cows bellowing at 5:45 from his feedlot area on May 4th 2016.  Upon investigating he witnesses a large wolf feeding on the rear end of one of his prized 1100lb Holstein Heifers.  He was able to run the wolf off, but the Holtsein needed to be euthanized as a result of the severe injuries sustained in the attack.  See the full report below:

Example report # 3.

A Lady in Bowler Wi, lets her dogs out to go to the bathroom at around 2 A.M. Shortly after she hears what she first thought was her caged rabbits squealing, but soon realized it was her pet Jack Russell Terrier being carried off by a large wolf.  After a short time the dog returned on its own and was terribly injured.  The Veterinarian treating the pet was unable to save it.  I was later Skinned by investigators and confirmed to have bite marks consistent with0 a wolf attack.  See the full report below:

The graph below shows the disturbing trend of increasing number of wolf depredations over the last 5 years.

               source: WI DNR Progress Reports/Annual Reports to USFWS

How many wolves inhabit Wisconsin?  Currently the Wisconsin DNR estimates a minimum count of 232 packs that have 925 to 956 wolves living in our state. The count is up 6.8% over last year's minimum count. (Note:  This is a minimum count and many believe the number is much higher.)

How many deer do wolves eat?  Check out the link below to review an analysis of the 2015 deer season vs. wolf deer kill by county in the Northern Forest Land

Please click the link below to see the relationship between the White-tailed deer harvest decline and the increase in unmanaged wolf population.